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Watch “Need some Motivation (This is it)….” on YouTube

Watch “Need some Motivation (This is it)….” on YouTube

Need some Motivation (This is it)….:

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Need some Motivation (This is it)….:


Hey! We’re two Black queer cis femmes putting together a zine archiving the experiences of Black queer and trans folks with non-monogamous and/or polyamorous relationships. In the past couple of years, both of us have had experiences with non-monogamy and found the vast majority of resources…

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sunleo0778Truly realizing that the only way I can B happy is just being myself~not what's in, looks cool, sounds good~following the norm...Lesbian, self-learner and free thinker, nonbeliever, lover, caregiver, protector, provider, emotional, and a lot more...I am proud to B me because there is no one else like me...We R all UNIQUE....LOVE WHO U R AND NO ONE CAN MAKE OR BREAK U....Only you can be your worst critic...Everyone else should EMBRACE, RESPECT, LOVE, AND ESPECIALLY ENCOURAGE U & YOUR INDIVIDUALITY.... WELCOME EVERYONE... I AM THE ONE AND ONLY ME~ REAL SUNLEO0778 We Must Not Allow Other People's Limited Perception To Define US~Virginia Satir SUBSCRIBE THANKS AND ENJOY

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